The Journey Begins…

Welcome to Whoa, Hot Stuff!

The brand spankin’ new blog by the Queens of NC-17.

Are you sick of scrolling through Instagram? Bored with Facebook? Is Twitter just too political for you now-a-days? I bet you just WISH there was some website you could go to and KNOW for certain that there’s some crazy hot content there without all the bullshit!

We’re here to document all the hot stuff for you. You’re welcome to stop by here to scan through super hot stuff for free- and it is all conveniently in one place!

So, now you’re wondering, “Well, what is considered hot stuff?”

Clearly our opinions on “what’s hot” might be different. However, know this… Like many of the things Queens of NC-17 do… This concept was poorly constructed, thrown together with little to no thought, and held together with some tape and glue… and that’s truly when we do our best work.

Stay tuned.

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