Spicy Pickles Need More Love

There are few things less appreciated than a spicy pickle. But if you ask me, they’re so goddamn delicious that they’re deserving of our very first post.

Did you know that pickling is believed to have originated in 2400 B.C.? Unfortunately there is no real documentation of when someone’s bright ass was like, “Hey, this would taste way better if we add so much spice to this shit that our noses run and our mouths burn.” And then his super awesome solid 10 friends were like, “We support this amazing concept 100%. You’re a genius, mang.”

Now you’re probably wondering, “What’s the best spicy pickle, Queens approved?”

Check out this sassy vinegar infused cucumber! Whoa, hot stuff, right?

What makes this food even hotter, is the fact that cucumbers are considered a fruit, so basically… eat tons of spicy pickle fruit and be super healthy. But not too many, I guess, or your insides and exterior holes might get angry.

Anyway, we hope this Whoa, Hot Stuff was hot and informative.

Until next time!

Stay tuned and stay nasty.

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