Curling and Flat Irons

Hair irons are literally hot, like… you’ll friggin burn yourself if you touch one.

We don’t have to tell you what looks good, right gorgeous!?

So instead, we’re just gonna detail some hot iron looks for the history books.

1. That Goddamn 2000’s Flip

Look, if you were a lady in the 2000’s you know you’re friggin guiltier than OJ Simpson. It’s okay, we all did it. But we should take note of this monstrosity and make a girl power pact right now to never, and I mean never, let this shit come back from the grave.

2. Lol, Bitch Your Hair Just Burnt Off!

YES! It truly does happen! Ladies and gentleman, if your hair is heavily bleached, or if you don’t use any heating product, or I don’t know- if you wrap that shiz up too tight? POOF. It’s gone.

And guess what? It smells like Satan’s asshole when your hair burns off like that.

Good luck trying to wash that smell out your dome over the next month.

3. The Crimpening

…shit, I mean…

I guess I can see where the appeal was with this one, but it just doesn’t work! Do you know how many foreheads got fucking scorched trying to crimp a bang?! You went through all that pain just to end up with bangs that looked like they came off a horse! Pass.

Well, as always it’s been such a pleasure!

Stay nasty.

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