Hot Dads and Hot Moms

This post is for one thing, and one thing only…

To appreciate all you hot moms and dads out there!

Let’s start with hot dads, shall we?

1. Uncle Jesse

Let’s be real, I would’ve done friggin anything to get close to Uncle Jesse, even if that meant being “friends” with lame ass goody two shoes Stephanie Hephalumpin Tanner. Come on girl, let’s have a sleepover!

2. John Winchester

If you’re a fan of the Queens of NC-17 you are no stranger to our obsession with Jeffrey Henry James Dean Louis Justin Morgan. He’s the hottest dad on Supernatural and I would go straight to hell for the off chance that he’d somehow save my dumb ass.

3. Michael Bluth

Arrest my Development! Woo, Michael Bluth may look like a basic bitch but god damn is he a beautiful man.

4. Fox Mulder

So if you watched the X-Files you are aware that Mulder was implied as the father of Scully’s baby- and thank Christ almighty for that because it gave us a reason to add him to the list.

Now let’s move right along to our favorite hot moms!

1. Suzanne Somers

Step by Step, she made her way into everyone’s hearts as one of the sexiest moms of all time! Whatever stupid workout equipment she is selling, I am friggin buying.

2. Aunt Becky

Come on! You know we couldn’t leave out Aunt Becky! Babe alert to the damn max! This woman stepped into the Full House and took charge with her amazing hair, perfect tude, tight bod, and she took the hottest guy in the house. Congrats, Beck.

3. Constance Langdon

Okay, sure- she was a terrible fucking mother. She was mean as hell to her beautiful special needs daughter and her son was a school shooter. But- she is still a mom none the less, and a hot one at that!

4. Our Very Own Eanna Isabel

She’s a great mom, talented artist, and one hell of a podcaster, ammirite?! Give it up for our personal favorite hot mom, Eanna!

What’s your feedback? Who’s your favorite hot mom or hot dad?

Stay nasty!

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