Leather Pants

We’re not sure how to articulate our passion for leather pants because usually all that comes out of our mouths when we see them is just a series of guttural sounds.

Tight leather pants can be worn in many ways and fashion styles, ladies and gentleman… So let’s get right into it!

1. Hair Metal Mania.

It’s rock and goddamn roll! Maybe add a couple well placed chains, (NOT a wallet chain,) tease your hair, accompany it with a shirt made to fit a 13 year old, and you’re already half way to jazz town.

2. The Kpop Slam

Innocent every where else, but coming in right and tight just where you should be- the lower half. Take a page out of BTS’s book and accompany your shiny pants with a simple shirt and jacket combo. SOLD! You now have permission to pelvic thrust.

3. The Ass Alert

Nothing shows off your ass quite like a pair of leather pants with no pockets- goddamn! If you have a massive pimple or a bad hair day, pop on a pair of these bad boys and no one is going to notice anything else but your back balls.

We hope this was informative and inspiring.

Stay nasty.

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