Joey Lawrence

Joey Lawrence is a double whammy.

First, we have to be very thankful to Joey Lawrence for his usage of “whoa,” which happens to be in the title of this website.

Secondly, he is friggin slammin’.

Although his man to teenager ratio in the picture above makes me extremely uncomfortable- it’s no secret that Joey Lawrence was a 90’s heart throb back in the day!

Every girl, and lots of boys too, had him slammed up against their wall (pfft- omg, we wished) and laminated so his poster could be made out with forever by you and all your gross friends without getting all soiled. (Ha!… soiled.)

Lol, come on. Who else can pull off a vest like that?


Here are some whoa hot facts about Joey Lawrence:

1. His favorite thing to cook is eggplant… 🙂

2. He met his wife at Disney when he was 16. (Nothing inspires me more than this to forever wear a full face of makeup to the theme park.)

3. He’s fluent in Latin, so you know he’s doing some evil tonguing in his spare time. Hot.

4. He released his first music album in 1993 and it was inspired by Prince… yessss girl.

Honestly, I feel like my work is done here.

And on a side note, we want to send a massive thank you to the thicc haired boys out there still rocking the JL look.

We appreciate your effort towards making this country a better place to live. (@masc_angst on Instagram)

As always, it’s such a pleasure.

Stay nasty.

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