One word: MAGICAL.

Another word: MAJESTICAL.

Last word: WHOABALLS.

Nothing screams, “I’m unique without even frigging trying,” like heterochromia.

Look, I know… we all aren’t able to be born with such amazing and unique features. These beautiful individuals have two different colored eyes, and I can slam an entire box of Kraft Mac n Cheese in less than 3 minutes.

We all have things that make us special, but some are more noteworthy than others, okay? Let’s just face it.

And this beautiful possible genetic defect isn’t just limited to people, but it also appears in animals too!

How. Fucking. CUUUUTE!

Now look, I know it hurts to see such WHOA HOT STUFF and think, “I wish my eyes looked like that.”

Bish don’t trip, they totally can!

Think Marylin Manson, and then take it back a notch or two. Get yourself one pretty colored contact down at your local weave store and BOOM! Just like that, you’re done.

I hope we just served you up a hot dish of whoa and gave you some ideas for your next Tinder date.

Stay nasty, folks.

Queens of NC-17

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