Bowl Cuts

Can we fucking talk about them?

I know you’re probably thinking, “Seriously? I hide these photos from my childhood when my partner visits my family’s house.” But yeah, I’m friggin serious.

Bowl cuts are coming back in a serious way.

You don’t believe us? Fine. Here are some prime examples.

1. Oliver Fucking Tree

If you don’t know who he is, you should. Oliver Tree might look a little silly but the dude’s got game. His music is fire and he’s funny as shit. There are rumors that his bowl cut isn’t real because of his infamous music video for “Alien Boy” and “All That,” but I assure you… it’s attached. And we, are attached, to IT.

2. Pimp MF Flaco

The Barcelona musician, Pimp Flaco, brings the heat and the bowl cuts. His fashion is always forward af and that clearly includes his hairstyles. Get. On. It.

3. Young Signorino

Italian satanist rapper Young Signorino compares himself to the likeness of Marylin Manson, but with a bowl cut! Truthfully, when I think of one thing that could’ve benefited MM it’s a fucking bowl cut, ammirite?

4. Gucci

If the above examples weren’t enough, Gucci has been featuring bowl cuts on their runways and photoshoots since like 2016. It’s. Fashion. Y’all. They’re mother fucking Gucci, for Christ’s sake.

5. Korean Boy Bands

Do I even need to friggin say it? Kpop and korean fashion are ALWAYS bringing the looks and setting the trends… and guess what, they’re doing it. Ok?

And lest we forget about the ladies bowl. Yes, they’re for you too, girls. And they’re hot.

So listen, get crazy and pair a bowl cut with a dangly earring and a leather pant and people will be dropping like hot turds everywhere you go. You’re going to have to hire a security team.

Good luck!

Stay nasty.

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