Jalapeño Chips

You know what else is hot? Jalapeño chips.

They’re tasty, spicy, fun to say out loud, and you look super sexual while eating them. You probably think I’m just fucking with you, but I am not.

sexy chips

And even if for some reason you look like a crusty old vacuum while you’re eating them- they taste bombdotcom, so who cares?

Imagine you’re about to kiss a new person… They’re hot… You’re hot… You lean in for that kiss, and what does it taste like? Close your eyes, focus, search within your heart and you’ll realize…

It’s jalapeño chips. It just fucking is, admit it. That kettle cooked goodness-MMMM.

Fine… so maybe they’re not the first thing that comes to mind, but it is definitely sexier than 90% of the other things they could taste like. (Ex.: Eggs, barf, yesterday’s booze and cigarettes, weird miscellaneous cheese, or stale farts.)

Also, don’t act like jalapeño chips haven’t saved your ass a couple times.

crying chips

Your significant other broke up with you or you had a fight with your best friend, right?

NO CHIP COMPARES to the jalapeño in a situation like this. NONE!

It burns in such a perfect way that you feel the pain of your life, and the pain of the jalapeño chip, and it makes you feel alive. It helps you gain perspective. Suddenly, you understand that everything is going to be okay.

Because you just found a new life partner… the jalapeño chip.

chips gif

What are your thoughts? How do you feel?

We hope this was hot enough for you.

Stay tuned for some more spice-a-dice. ❤


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