I am… getting so hot… I’m gonna take my clothes off.

JK, don’t leave! I promise I’ll keep them on. 🙂

nelly gif

But let’s get real for a second and just say it: Nelly’s a goddamn hero.

When “Hot in Herre” dropped in 2002, it immediately got hot everywhere. Yes, literally everywhere. From the North Goddamn Pole to the bottom of Antartica, it got hot. “The Nelly Heatwave of 2002,” I believe they called it.

And lest we remind you why we’re here, because it’s strictly to discuss all things WHOA HOT STUFF!

You might be thinking, “Well, okay, that song was literally and figuratively hot, so I get it. But why is Nelly on the list and not just the song?”

Two fucking words:

The bandaid.

Or, the electrical tape.

Or, whatever that shit was on his face.


Listen, not everyone can slap some dumbass line on their face like that, walk out the door, and change fashion everywhere for like 4 years. But Nelly could, and Nelly did.

I can’t say it was one of our best moments in fashion history, but try telling me it wasn’t lit as fuck having a reason to stick all your household’s bandaids all over your face. And on top of that, you might even have a chance that you look sort of cool.  (Thank you, Nelly.)

Also, Nelly was a smokin’ hot bad boy. And don’t act like all of us weren’t hoping he would come to our town in the dead of July on the day the town’s air conditioning broke. (Nelly, we challenge you… Take it off.)


Not to mention the list of Nelly’s hits from the early 2000’s go on for days. And just in case you forgot about them, I’m gonna sit a couple right here for you.


Speaking of “country grammar,” though, see… this is where Nelly lost me.

Nelly really did get into country music for a while and even toured with a country band called Florida Georgia Line. This was not okay for me, and this is where I tapped out on my Nelly craze.

However, I suppose the good side of this is that his crossover into country music exposed Nelly to an entirely new group of people who most likely missed The Nelly Heatwave of 2002. And that’s pretty hot, right?

nelly3So tell us…

What was your favorite Nelly song?

What did you think about Nelly’s country career?

And did you know Nelly had his own reality show for 2 seasons!?

Let us know in those comment sections!

Queens of NC-17


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