About Us


If you don’t know already, We are the Queens of NC-17 – A comedy horror podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, and a bunch of other websites we don’t upload to that somehow stream the content.

Creep the instagrams at: @whoahotstuff & @queensofnc17

Meet the Queens!

Ande Strega

When she’s not botching some sort of spell, Ande spends most of her time cuddling her dogs, editing the podcasts, painting serial killer portraits, creating glitch art, and definitely not crying while watching Korean dramas.


China White

Originally from all over the United States, (well, okay, basically just Colorado and Johnstown,) she moved to Pittsburgh with big dreams.  China is a special effects genius, KPOP master, a talented illustrator, painter, & all around artist, as well as  a lover of all things furry.


Eanna Isabel

Once a skeptic of all things paranormal, now spends her days practicing to be a Witch. Originally from Kansas City, MO, she’s a retired roller derby queen, a mother,  & a  make-up artist. In her “spare” time, she throws knives and is an award winning taxidermist, so don’t cross her.  Jussayin’.


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Stay tuned and stay nasty!

featured artwork by @ladymagicunicorn on Instagram